Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in each purchase?

All photos include an artist’s mark. All Gen 2 and later products have Gallery Forms (see below section for details). All products are packed in a sealed bag with a silica gel pack(s) to help prevent any warping or damage from humidity. All backing boards will have a stamp indicating the product was made in the U.S.A. and packaged by the artist.

Unmatted photos are packaged in a clear bag with a backing board to help protect the photo during transit. The bag, photo and backing board are shipped in a rigid envelope.

Matted photos sized 5×7, 8×8, 8×10 and 11×14 include a photo mounted to a backing board with archival tabs and the mat itself is hinge-taped the backing board with archival tape. The photo itself is held in place by the tabs but is not glued to the backing board—allowing you the freedom to remount it at any point in the future. The mat, backing board, and photo print are all placed in a clear bag for protection and shipped in a rigid mailer.

Matted photos sized 12×12 and 16×20 are dry-mounted to a backing board instead of being held in place by tabs. These photos also include a Certificate of Authenticity, with a holographic sticker with a unique inventory tracking number. The photo will include a matching number, written by the artist.

What's this I hear about 'Gallery Forms'?

All stamps, dyes, glues, paints and pigments are archival quality. Gen 2 products are found in a few of the 5×7 prints and all the current stock of 11×14 prints. These items have a Gallery Form hand-stamped on the back of the print and contain the artist’s signature, title of work, etc.

Gen 3 products receive a hand-stamped and completed gallery form on archival paper that is hand cut and affixed to the back of the print. Items with a COA will have the numerical holograph attached to this form.

Won’t it cost me a fortune to frame these prints?

Absolutely not! All the photos and mats sold at the gallery are in standard sizes. Visit any of our local stores, and you’ll see there are plenty of affordable options. Even the largest-sized prints sold here can be framed for less than $50 by purchasing an off-the-shelf frame at your local retailer.

What types of mats are you selling with the prints?

Depends on the size of the print. All mats are acid-free, white-core mat board on 4-ply paper (1/16″). All matted photos unless otherwise specified are “double-matted” meaning there’s an outer mat with an opening that reveals a second, inner mat with an opening for the photo. For black & white photos sized 5×7, 8×8, and 8×10, the inner mat is black, allowing for a nice, contrasting border that pulls out the blacks in the smaller photos. All other double mats are white on white. Prints sized 11×14, 12×12, & 16×20 get high-quality, conservation mats and backing boards as an upgraded feature.

Do you offer colored or custom-order mats?

Not at this time. However, all photos are offered in a standard size, allowing you to locally source the perfect mat for your project. Choose the “unmatted photo” option to buy a photo with only a backing board.

Why don’t you sell framed photos online?

Shipping hazards. Shipping a print or a mounted print is fairly straightforward. We can reasonably assume that it will arrive at your home or office in a condition that is ready to be put into a frame and displayed. Frames, on the other hand, are tricky to ship, easy to break, and would ultimately be cost-prohibitive to provide or for you to purchase.

I really want to buy a framed photo. Where can I get one?

The pop-up store! The gallery sells photos at weekend events and art fairs in the Chicagoland area. Check the Upcoming Events page to see where the gallery will “pop up” next (beginning in 2020).

How can I stay informed with the gallery?

Subscribe to our newsletters. The gallery’s quarterly newsletter, The Hoot, is a good place to start. You can also sign up for automatic updates whenever a new product is added to the gallery. Also, be sure to follow the gallery and its in-house artist on social media.